January 26, 2021

Second-Place Winner 2020 Indie Reader Discovery Awards

Finalist 2020 Montaigne Medal Award

Formerly known as Daisy Has Autism



Aaron is the son of two educators and a staunch advocate for marginalized and vulnerable students in education and youth sports. He writes about his family’s quest toward a free and appropriate education for his daughter, diagnosed with autism at an early age. His ultimate hope is to engage a national audience in a deep and meaningful conversation about our most vulnerable students and how they are losing their access to a suitable education and what can be done to change the system that is traumatizing children and their parents.

He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his family and three distinctly different dogs.

Aaron is available for podcasts, interviews, book events, and speaking engagements.



Help us spread awareness about neurodiversity and access to public education. Your support will help us drive change towards a more equitable system for disabled children.

Aaron and Julia Thanksgiving.JPG

What do you stand for?
How far will you go to advocate for a loved one?
What are your limits?

Thirteen Doors

- Aaron Wright


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