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January 26, 2021

Second-Place Winner 2020 Indie Reader Discovery Awards

Finalist 2020 Montaigne Medal Award

Formerly known as Daisy Has Autism

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As the parent of an autistic teenager, Aaron Wright believes that all children have a right to equal access in education. When his daughter was initially denied access to special education supports, Aaron began a quest to expose the flaws within the system that harm disabled children and deny them access to an appropriate education.
His award-winning memoir, Thirteen Doors: A Family’s Fight for Equal Access to Education, offers inspiration, hope, and hard-won insights for all parents who believe that disabled kids should get the education they deserve.

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Help us spread awareness about neurodiversity and access to public education. Your support will help us drive change towards a more equitable system for disabled children.

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What do you stand for?
How far will you go to advocate for a loved one?
What are your limits?

Thirteen Doors

- Aaron Wright

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